Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The good news and the bad news . . .

Well . . . I have my new computer and it's awesome! I've been very careful about the files that I'm transferring and trying to stay organized with tagging photographs, etc. with Elements Organizer. Unfortunatley, I still haven't found the original disk for CS2 and I think I'm gonna have to give it up. I'll either try to get another one off of eBay or I'll bite the bullet and go straight to CS4. There is one other program (Photo Impact Pro) that I was looking at, but I still haven't made a final decision just yet. For now I'm gonna use Elements to see what I can create in the way of papers and elements. Hopefully I can catch up on doing more pages to add to my gallery as well. I should have another kit available for download very soon and maybe even a mini-kit as well.

I've also been day-dreaming about what to do in my garden this year. The paper whites are blooming right now and their scent just fills the living room. Needless to say, I've got the planting bug already. I've been thinking about starting a Garden Journal (a binder with photos and clippings from the magazines that I have) and I even bought about 10 packets of seeds today . . . lavendar, dill, larkspur, morning glory and zinnia . . . just to name a few. I can't wait! I think I'm gonna go get a grow light tomorrow and set up my indoor greenhouse once again. I had one at the old house and had quite a few surprises and success with starting seeds then so I definitely want to try again!

Anyway, here's a picture of the paper whites . . .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time sure is flying!

Wow! It's 2009 already! The holidays were a blast and I hate to see them end, but it's back to reality for now with Sam back at school and lots of snow and freezing temps on the way. I've been so busy that my head is spinning. I've been trying to get together pictures and info for setting up my Etsy shop and still have much work to do and info to gather. It's really hard to come up with a price for some of the items so I've been reading up alot on the Etsy site and trying to get tips on pricing, etc. There's quite a variety of items that I have so it's taking more time and thought than initially anticipated.

I've also been trying to put together my SNL kit for January and I'm almost done. Here's a preview . . .

Hubby and I decided that we're going to get a new computer here so I have to start backing up files and transferring stuff. So for now that's gonna be taking up most of my time in the next week or so. I just hope I'll be able to find the original program disk for PS CS2. I've been searching for 2 days now and can find the disks for all the plug-ins and other goodies from all the books and extras I purchased, but the original program disk is no where in sight. I'll be really sad if I can't find it and not sure what I'll do or what program to use for creating elements and such for scrapbooking. I still have hope that I will find the disk though.

Well . . . I'm off for now and hope to be back soon!