Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer is officially here

and I've been spending lots of time in the garden . . . weeding and planting and moving things around. We also went to Morton Arboretum recently.

It was a hot and sticky day and being that it was our first time there . . . we weren't sure how things worked and how the park is laid out. We ended up exploring only about 1/3 of the grounds so we'll definitely have to plan another day to go back again! It's a wonderful place and they have really great gardens for kids to explore. There was this pond in one part of the childrens' garden where I manage to get this awesome picture of some waterlilies . . .

We also went through a maze garden and in the middle they had an open tree house where I managed to take this picture . . .

Even though it was really hot, we did manage to hike one of the trails and along the way we encountered this little guy . . .

All in all it was a really fun day! I collected a small bunch of several different pinecones that I happened to find on the ground throughout the day . . .

I hope to be going back again and explore some more real soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning Glory Kit freebie!

It's been awhile . . . but I managed to finish a freebie kit today! I really like the way this one turned out! Hope you enjoy it too.

This kit contains the following:

1 blue pattern paper
1 green flower pattern paper
1 ivory paper with green blossoms
1 green and blue squares paper
1 green textured frame
1 dark blue ribbon
1 dark blue bow
1 blue gem and silver star bling element
1 trellis element
1 morning glory vine element
1 blue gem, silver star and leave hanging charm element
1 stitched paper patches element

A Terms of Use is included with the download . . . please be sure to read it over prior to uploading any layouts to the web or submitting any layout for publication to a magazine. Thanks!

The kit can be downloaded here . . .
Morning Glory

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gardening galore

I've spent the better part of the past week in the garden and have been taking lots of pictures! I started a new garden blog over at Dave's Garden so that I can keep track of what's going on, what I have and what I'd like to do in my garden. I've been having lots of fun and am also extremeley sore from all the digging and yard work that I have been doing. Since rain is expect the next couple of days, I'll get some rest so that I can plant the new flower bed! I took this picutre of the Pink Oriental Poppy that managed to survive and bloomed yesterday! I looks awesome!

Now that it's the start of a new month, the new SNL challenge will be out so I will have to find some time and pull myself away from the garden for a while. The theme is butterfly garden and the colors are really pretty so I'm sure I'll be able to put a kit together being that I'm really into this gardening mood lately.

I'll put a link to my new garden blog and Dave's Garden website in the side bar for anyone who might be interested. Hope to be back soon! In the meantime, Happy Digi-Scrapping and Gardening!