Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Hell of a Week . . .

If you haven't heard already, we had a massive blizzard here that started the afternoon of February 1st.  It's been one thing after another trying to shovel out and getting hubby to and from work.  The kids were off school for 2 days, but they did have to go back yesterday.  As usual, I am trying to play catch-up over here.  Seems I did miss a day or 2 of taking shots since I've been trying to go in order (although I know we don't have to do that).  I do have tons of pictures of piles and piles of snow . . . though I will not post that many to bore you.  Anyway . . . starting with

January 27th - Body Parts

I don't think this one needs an explanation . . .

January 28th - Bold

I'm an M & M junkie . . . I buy a bag or 2 for whatever the season and/or occasion may be.

January 29th - Bread

Any sandwich I make for lunch is always made with this bread!  Love it!

January 30th - Breakfast

Coffe and cereal . . . gotta start the morning off right!

January 31st - Broken

I missed this day . . . although I'm sure I could have found something broken around the house.  I think I had my mind on the coming snow storm cause that's all everyone was taking about and has been talking about around here for the past week.

February 1st -  Burgundy

With all the talk of snow storms and blizzards, while getting groceries and supplies, my hubby decided that a bouquet of flowers would help cheer things up around here for the next couple of days.  This bouquet was pretty unusual as I've never seen a flower like this one!  Fit perfectly with the theme too!

February 2nd - Busy

The snow finally stopped around 11:00 am.  Since hubby had to play fireman this day, it was left up to me and the boys to make our way through all the snow.  Here we're making our way through the gangway . . . with the drifts it was probably about 2-1/2 feet high in this area.

February 3rd - Calm

Here's the sun setting after a couple of gruelling days of digging out!

Finally, I did a scrapbook layout showing off our historial blizzard of 2011  . . .

Journaling reads:
The Blizzard of 2011 started just about 2:20 pm on Tuesday, February 1st.
It didn’t stop snowing until Wednesday morning around 11:00 am.
With the wind blowing so much and so hard . . . there were drifts everywhere you looked!
Johnny had to play fireman so he was up at 4:00 am trying to dig his way out. Sam had no school Wednesday and they’ve called it off for Thursday too.
Sure seems like some great snow for sledding or skiing. Looks like we’ll be going to the hill tomorrow!
That's about all for now.
Until next time . . . stay warm and safe, everyone!


  1. you did a great job catching up. I like the M&M photo a lot.

  2. We had soem blizzards like that this winter so I know just how you feel. I like your summary of the week and I'm amazed how you manage to do the themes in alfabetic order.

  3. Love how you're keeping an eye on the basic food groups (Placed in order of importance too) Blizzards don't last forever and neither do floods and category 5 Cyclones like we have been having.

  4. A bad week and you still got your pics are good! Those m&m's are to die for...loving all that color! I am also in love w/ your blizzard layout...what a way to remember the storm...great pics too!

  5. You've managed to catch up in style, especially love the blizzard LO and the use of the stamp borders, hope the weather starts improving soon.

  6. I really like your page about the blizzard. What a great idea! We got the same snow after you, minus those hurricane force winds. We had our real blizzard in December. Nice shot of those M&M's! My mouth was watering just looking at them.

  7. Absolutely love your LO about the storm! the flower photo is gorgeous too


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