Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black & White Image and so on

Well . . . so much for being caught up.   The time does fly having to keep up to date here that's for sure!  So on to the photos . . .
Black & White Image -January 22nd

Here's a little statute that hangs out on my mantel . . . he seems very bored in his world so shooting him for the Black & White Image suited him well.

Bliss - January 23rd

My MIL gave me this huge bar of chocolate for my birthday and I am savoring it.  Dark chocolate (or any chocolate for that matter) puts me in a state of bliss!

Bloom - January 24th

Part of a bouquet of flowers sitting on the kitchen table.

Blue - January 25th

The day was pretty much cloudy and gray all day long .  . . although when I went to pick up the little guy from school, the sun happen to come out and there were bits and pieces of blue sky peeking out.  This one was taken with the camera on my Blackberry.

Blurred - January 26th

This is a stained glass lamp in my living room . . . funny how it took about 3 shots before I could get the image to blur.  While going through all the other images and uploading them today, I noticed quite a few photographs that I did not try to blur but came out blurred anyway . . . Go figure!

Until next time . . . Happy Picture Taking!



  1. nice shots - I especially like the "bloom" photo.

  2. I especially like the yellow flower with its expanding petals--it reminds me of a sun.

  3. The blue of the sky and bright color of the bloom savoring a piece of chocolate should make the bored figure jump for joy and blur his vision of the lamp.

  4. I love the tones in that black and white...that sculpture is very unique...I like it!

    Also really like the close up of that yellow bloom...amazing details and so pretty!

  5. great catch up. love the candy shot, something new.

  6. the bloom is wonderfully captured, the blue is in a great angle. a smart way to post several themes in one post :-)

  7. A nicely varied bunch of photos. I love the flower too and hope you still have some chocolate left to eat during the wicked weather you are having

  8. I love the photo posted for "Blue" out of this group. My favorite type of shot--looking up through the tree canopy.


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