Friday, January 21, 2011

Trying to catch up . . . once again

Starting with January 15th - Barren

Just thought that the tree and abandoned playground looked pretty barren . . .

January 16th - Bathtime

Since there are no little ones in the house anymore, I decided to shoot a photo of my bath toiletries instead.

January 17th - Bed Time

Here's the stack of books at my bedside . . . just in case I can't get to sleep (usually not a problem though).

January 18th - Beneath . . . (the surface)

This I thought was kind of funny . . . the little guy asked for more pencils for school so I gave them to him but told him he'd have to sharpen them.  I heard the sharpener going for quite a bit before he started saying something and then I heard the sharpener some more.  Turns out they forgot the lead in this pencil . . .

January 19th - Best Friend

Hubby . . . getting ready to head off to work.

January 20th - Beverage

My favorite soda . . . and it's gotta be Canada Dry!

and finally . . .

January 21st - Black

This is a vase I've had for a long, long time.  I currently use it as a trash can under my desk.

Looks like I'm all caught up now.  I gotta remember to get here more often!

Until next time . . .



  1. the most goodlooking trash can i ever saw, what a great idea, I have some quite similar so I might copy your idea :-)

  2. A nice catch-up...I love that pencil without the lead, that is hilarious, that poor kid! I also really like your so called trash can, has to be one of the most beautiful ones I have reflection in it!

  3. Nice use of themes. I especially like the pencil.

  4. That's quite a stack of books! I have magazines by my bed, for I can only handle a page or two before I nod off. And are you sending that pencil in for a refund?

  5. The schoolyard is definitely barren, cold and abandoned! Like all your pinks in your toiletries. Us ladies seem to collect many hair products, especially. I did notice the phone on top of your pile of books, though. :) It is an ambitious stack.

  6. That pencil story was a laugh - and I think that black vase needs to come out of hiding and get back to flower duty.


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