Friday, January 14, 2011

Asymmetrical, etc.

The past couple of days were a bit challenging . . .

January 11th - Asymmetrical

This is my new Wacom Intuos 4 tablet that I got for my birthday.  Lovin' it!

January 12th - Athletic

The elderly woman across the street was trying to shovel her walkway the other day.  When my hubby saw this, he decided to go out and do it for her instead.  Here he is showing off his athleticism!

January 13th - Autumn

Since most of my autumn decor was put away when I decorated for Christmas, it was a challenge finding something appropriate for this one.  I did manage to round up this silk sunflower stem though.  Love those colors!

January 14th - Barns

This one I would have to say was THE most challenging though.  Since we're in the city and I don't really have time to be traveling on school/work days, finding a barn was impossible . . . or so I thought!  Here's a garage in a shape that reminds me of a barn.  Who knows . . . maybe when it was built it really was used as a barn??

Until next time . . . Happy Picture Taking!



  1. More great images! Let me know how you like your tablet...I have been looking at these for a while! Shoveling is much more than athletic...I'd say it is super hero! :) Love your barn garage, have to admit, never seen one before!! Fun!

  2. Lots of good images - I especially like the barn. You're really making it challenging by going down the list alphabetically too (you're allowed to mix up the order).

  3. Does your new toy make good Coffee to help you through your trevails?

  4. All great images but the cheery sunflower is my fave.

  5. Hooray for your DH for helping out the neighbor lady. Nice capture of the autumn flower and your barn looks very nice. Enjoy your tablet.

  6. Enjoy your new toy!!

  7. I especially like the sunflower. Putting it in the corner and showing just part of it adds spice to the photo.

  8. Interesting pictures I like the one of the snow shoveling because it came with the best story.

  9. Hey-you found a barn in the city-major kudos for that. :) Definitely has a barn shape, especially with that faux wooden window. Love the brightness of your sunflower and as Bobbi said, your composition adds interest to the photo. Hopefully, we will have a report on your new toy-enjoy!


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