Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Digital Scrapbook fever

Been thinking more about scrapbook projects and other thoughts and ideas, etc. for things to create in PS. I have these tiled patterns I created many years ago with Terrazo on the Mac. I saved them all this time and I created background papers with them. They are in 300 dpi though and I guess 200 dpi is what all the designers are now using. That is on DSP atleast.

Here's a small sampling of some of the papers I've created so far . . .

I should try to create a coordinated set in 200 dpi and get the Stuff-It program so I can convert them to zip files. Files, experiments and scrapbook elements are starting to take up quite a bit of space on the computer here. I probably should look about getting a back up disk drive as well. Well . . . I'm off to go play if PS for now!

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