Thursday, February 4, 2010

So much going on!

I managed to finish my monthly SNL kit last night . . .  think it turned out pretty cute!

The theme was whimsical valentine with a beautiful color palette.  Doodles were the focus for this month . . . which even though I have a Bamboo, I'm still not completely comfortable using it.  I'm so glad I got this kit done!

Now I can move on to much more pressing things . . . like painting  and CED2010 and visiting all those blogs I haven't yet got to!  Gosh . . . so much to do!!

If you're looking for One World One Heart  . . . it's the post after this one.  I guess I need to start thinking about adding an additional giveaway . . . hmmmmm . . .  what should it be??

Will be back again soon!

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