Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodies package from Pat has arrived!

I'm so excited!  My package of goodies from Pat Winter's giveaway arrived today!  There's just such a wonderful assortment of ribbons, beads and fabric.  I hope to be able to put my new supplies to good use soon.

Thank you so much Pat . . . everything in this little care package is gorgeous!

When I found out that I won this, I wanted to hunt up the crazy quilt blocks that I knew I had stored in a box in the corner of my studio.  I found them today and took some photographs.  Mind you . . . there are only 2 blocks and they are not even finished.  I think I wasn't really sure where else to go with them at the time, so maybe now I will be encouraged to finish them!

Here's the first block . . .

and details from this block include .  .  .

a spray of roses . . .

and a feather!

And the second block . . .

a spray of tiny flower buds . . .

you can see that I've outlined the key, but have not filled it in yet . . . and finally . . .

my favorite . . . the owl!

Hope you like what you see and have a chance to enter my giveaway as well . . .

Until next time . . . Happy Creating!



  1. it's wonderful to win in giveaways, isn't it? i just love it and never lose hope that i will win! your crazy quilt blocks are sooooo lovely!

  2. Howdy Connie,
    Your CQ block is so pretty! I'm inspired. F or years, I've been collecting specialty fabrics and notions in anticipation of CQ quilting when I 'retire'.

    I'm in Chicago as well. Please email me with your quilting news!

    please visit my blog:


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