Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of Spring??

The calendar may say that it is officially the first day of Spring, but I don't think Mother Nature got the message . . . at least not here in Chicago.  Yesterday, hubby and I spent some time raking up the grass and pulling out the last bit of dead vegetation in the front garden.  Last night I captured this beautiful sunset out my front window . . .

This morning . . . this is what we woke up to!

We were warned about this, but I was praying that it would be mostly rain.  As I'm writing this, it seems to be coming down even more and it's pretty windy as well.  Hopefully this won't last too long and we can get back to being out in the garden again.

Last night, while reading through the blogs I'm following, I caught a video on how to make a crocheted necklace.  I just grabbed the first set of supplies that I could find and here's what I came up with . . .

I think it turned out cute. It's very light-weight and I love the colors!  Julia from Vintage with Laces posted the necklace she made with a link to the video on her blog.  This is definitely an easy project to do and didn't take much time either.

I'm thinking of pinks and greens for the next one . . .

Until next time . . . Happy Creating!



  1. Your necklace did turn out quite cute - something fun and creative to do on a "wintry" day! So sorry to hear of the bad weather...hopefully gloriously warm and sunny days will head your way quite soon! Theresa

  2. THat is quite the contrast in weather..butthat'sMarch for ya. THe necklace is so fave colors!


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