Friday, March 12, 2010

Time flies . . .

when you've been spring cleaning.  WOW!  It's been a week since I last posted.  Been busy, Busy, BUSY.  Seems like I haven't got anything done yet I've been too exhausted to stay up to even look at this computer screen.  I was making headway in cleaning, sorting and throwing things out in my studio but today I was in there . . . and it STILL looks like a disaster.  Everyday stuff has kept me busy that I haven't really created anything either, but the weather has been warmer this week and the sun's been out more often and the days are getting longer!  YAY!

After this weekend, (even though baseball will be starting for the little guy) I should be back on track.  The little guy also has a history project due on Monday and he's been very busy writing those reports while I get his photos together and cut all the paper for matting the photos and a time line and titles, etc.  It's really alot of work and if I didn't help him . . . he'd never get it done.  It's coming together nicely though . . .

I just hope this is the last project the teachers have planned for this school year!  On a fun note . . . the kids were having a 50's day at school today and I thought he looked so adorable this morning that I just had to take his picture . . .

What a cool kid!  Brings back some fun fond memories for me too when we would be able to do that for school!

I was able to coffee stain some fabrics and papers today . . . I just haven't taken a picture of that yet.  I hope to use some of those to finish my dragonfly wall hanging . . . which is still sitting on my work table.  I really hope to be able to finish it soon.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!


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