Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Color Pencil Sketch

Here's my latest on the "body" theme for CED2010. I decided to go with this magazine clip first of all because my hubby said that the girl looked alot like me and my body. I cut it out of a magazine quite a while ago and always intended on doing something with it so when I heard of the theme for this month, I knew this was the picture I would be using. The other reason is that I have back issues and have since I was 22 years old when I had my first bout with a "slipped" disc. Since then, I've had several episodes of sciatica and recently had a displace rib. So my doctor says I need to do exercises to help strengthen my back muscles.

For this sketch, I decided to try colored pencils to get a feel more for the colors . . .

I think it looks pretty good! Next time, I will try my hand with the acrylics on this new linen paper by Strathmore I found at Michaels last week.

On another creative note . . . I have been trying to work on my new SNL kit . . . I have the papers done (which I'm really happy with), but seem to be struggling with the elements right now. I was trying my hand at making pearls again and seem to be running into a problem with some of the effects in PSE 5. Here's what I've done so far . . .

Well, I'm off again for now . . . hope to be back soon with another creation!


  1. I wish that I could draw. I love the lines and the shading.

  2. What a lovely drawing - you did a very nice job with the folds of the fabric, and the colored pencil looks really pretty. nancy

  3. Fantasic art. Really liked the way you have drawn the curves and the shading...

  4. Thanks Mousey, Nancy and Sarika for all your comments and encouragement. I appreciate it! Hope to see you come visit again soon.


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