Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A different take

on the body theme for me today.  I started the day off all excited  because I'd have more time to myself today and would be able to paint.  I got my morning paper after dropping the little guy off at school and decided that I'd have my oatmeal and read the paper before heading into my "studio" to paint.

That's when things started going wrong.  I was reaching to the top shelf to get the measuring cup when it slipped out of my hand and hit the bottom shelf that housed my everday dishes.  CRASH!  . . . shattered pieces of two dinner plates were all over the place.  Klutzy me!  I figured it was just that I'd had too much coffee and needed something more in my stomach . . . but I couldn't make my breakfast until I cleaned up all the mess.

After cleaning it up and having a full stomach, I was finally ready to get on with my day.  I decided that I should go to the mall real quick and pick out some new dinnerware since having only 2 dinner plates in a family of 4 was not going to cut it.  I spent my morning going from store to store . . . Kohl's . . . Carsons . . . Bed, Bath & Beyond . . . Target . . . Kmart . . . and finally back to Carsons again to check out the opened box of dinnerware that I liked to see if it was intacted.  I managed to get a good deal on the set of 6 place settings that also included certain serving dishes, salt and pepper shakers and a cream and sugar bowl.   The sign said it was $49.99, but when the girl rang it up the total was $41.00!  Even better!  I was in the car and on my way home when I realized that once again I was starving . . . it was lunch time.  When I finally did get home and lugged that heavy box in from the garage, I was exhausted! . . . 11:30 am and I was feeling so tired.

So I made and ate my lunch and started to unpack the box.  Since I had to clean all of these new dishes, I had to first clean the dirty ones that I had left from breakfast so I started washing, rinsing and drying . . . . and washing, rinsing and drying . . . and here's what my new place settings look like . . .

I really love the basketweave design so I can dress them up with napkins, glassware and place mats in any color and/or design that I like.  After all that washing, rinsing and drying . . . it was time to pick up the little one from school and yet again . . . I was feeling tired!  But the bitter cold winter air woke me up temporarily when going out to pick him up.

I did manage to do some sketching earlier this evening . . . although I really would have liked to get out the paint.  I was looking through the book The Creative Artist A Fine Artist's Guide to Expanding Your Creativity by Nita Leland and love the exercises she's got throughout the book.  It just gets the mind going . . . anyway . . .  here's one of my sketch pages . . .

Kind of sums up my day perfectly.  I just wish I didn't feel so tired all the time!

Until next time . . . Happy Creating!

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